Welcome to Stora Hotellet in Fjällbacka

Stora Hotellet opened its doors for the first time in Fjällbacka, way back in 1834, when Mamsell Charlotta Hanqvist ran it as a guesthouse and general store. Since then there have been many changes. The hotel has got bigger and been renovated many times over the years, but one thing is still the same - the peaceful atmosphere.It’s no secret either that Bohuslän, with its smooth bare rocks and open seas, has a calming influence on the people who come here.With us here at Stora Hotellet you can enjoy fantastic food experiences, lovely beds, fresh air and time to just be.If it’s peace and quiet you’re after you’ve come to the right place.


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Conference in Bohuslän’s cosiest hotel. We’ll tailor everything to your needs.


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Stora Hotellet – Fjällbacka’s loveliest accommodation

With Thomas Sjögren, winner of both Chef of the Year and the hit Swedish TV show Battle of the Chefs at the helm, it’s pretty obvious that the emphasis will be on the food experiences. A love of the sea and a lot of respect for the ingredients helps Thomas work his magic on the plate. We aim to give you an outstanding experience with high quality service, food and settings.Welcome to an atmosphere you’ll long to come back to!