Swedish massage

An in-depth massage used for muscle tension, exercise pain, swelling, muscle knots and as a general relaxing and soothing treatment. It increases well-being, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens muscles and creates a better balance between muscles and bones.

Tactile massage

A form of treatment that provides pain relief, relaxation and well-being. Tactile massage is care in the form of touch.
Not as powerful as a Swedish classic massage

Hot Stone massage

The massage increases blood and lymph circulation, stimulates cell renewal and relieves muscle pain. It has a calming and stress-reducing effect while giving new strength and energy. The treatment helps to clean out slag products and is well suited for you who want to unwind, reduce stress and recover.

Treat yourself a moment of relaxation

Treat yourself a moment of relaxation during your stay with us. Across the street you’ll find our partner Lisa Marie. Lisa Marie is a fantastic masseur and offers several different forms of treatment.

Lisa Marie also has mobility training at our hotel on Tuesdays at 06.30 and Thursdays 8/10.