Let us take you on a culinary journey around the world.

Food, drink and service are our great passion

Here, your taste buds are invited on a culinary journey from classic archipelago restaurants and magical pizzas to South American flavors. There is something for everyone – Warm welcome

Logotyp Mamsell

Food made from the best the sea, market garden and farm has to offer. We’re creating an archipelago restaurant with a modern twist. With Thomas Sjögren at the helm – Chef of the Year 2015 and winner of the 2018 season of Battle of the Chefs – and a well filled wine cellar,  you’re certain to have an exceptional experience.

Asado logotyp

Inspired by South American cuisine Thomas Sjögren has created a menu with flavours that will get your taste buds singing. The restaurant has a very easy going atmosphere and will be the perfect place to hang out. Open during high summer.

Restaurang Grano i Fjällbacka

Halfway down the stairs at the corner of the hotel will be the location for a second Grano, Thomas’s successful Gothenburg restaurant. A selection of delicious small plates and crispy pizzas will be on the menu here. We’re creating a cosy ambience and the perfect place to meet up with friends for good food and drinks.